Solo Show 22 Oct - 23 Nov 2020

The Hearth Gallery, Vancouver/ Bowen Island, Canada

Kristina Girke

Kristina Girke is an artist, based on Bowen Island, Canada. The artist's pictoral language is baroque, pulsating with liveliness, and full of intensity.

Kristina Girkes pictures negate the feeling and knowledge of being imprisoned in the world by inverting the inescapability from the present time’s labyrinth into the possibility of experiencing the labyrinthine. Each of these paintings invite the beholder to embark upon an odyssey, to discover a boundlessly brachiate aethetic universe in order, in the end, to better understand one’s own path in life as an experience of the ontological constitution of human existence.

Christoph Tannert, From: “Living through the Labyrinthine”, 2011